In today’s lending environment, having a professional to help guide you in finding the right financial products for your needs is more crucial than ever. With ever tightening requirements and raising rates, having access to a wide range of options for clients can mean the difference in having your request for lending declined or accepted. The right product can also mean thousands in savings for you.

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Our Process


Collect honest and accurate information about your situation


We use our vast industry knowlege to place you with the right lender for your needs


Collect all documentation, and submit to lender so we can make sure you have the money you need when you need it


Comprehensive referral program, to thank you when you support our business

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Real Estate is a major life decision, as a house is one of the largest purchases that most people will ever make. You should be comfortable in knowing that you have all of the right information. Feel free to ask us anything.

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Who is Eric?

Eric is a Calgary based Licensed Mortgage Associate with a technical background specializing in the detail oriented, concise and smooth completion of multi- million dollar projects. Triple checking the facts was an absolutely crucial element in avoiding time consuming and expensive delays from occurring. His approach to your mortgage is no different. Applying his engineering mindset to your mortgage, he makes sure all of the complex details are in order to ensure your conditions are met; meaning that you get to move into your new home on time.

Where To Find Us

While in this day and age we find that more people are using technology to complete their financing needs, sometimes it is still nice to meet face to face. If you are local to Calgary, feel free to book a time to meet up. Either at our office or your favorite coffee shop.